What is a Yoga and its Benefits

What is yoga?

The word yoga starts from the Sanskrit word ‘Yuj’, which means to connect. There are two meanings of yoga, first- joining and second- samadhi. Until we can connect with ourselves, it very is difficult to accomplish the level of samadhi. What is a yoga and its benefits? Yoga is not just exercise, but science-based physical activity? It offers a way to achieve total self-acknowledgment. In this, the mind, body, and soul meet each other. There are harmony among humans and nature. It is a path to live life properly.

what is yoga?

Types of Yoga

  • Karma Yoga or the Path of Action
  • Jnana Yoga or the Path of Knowledge
  • Bhakti Yoga or the Path of Devotion
  • Kriya yoga

Karm Yoga

It is also known in Western culture as the ‘discipline of work‘. It teaches us to do any work without getting involved with selfless activities and duties and without worrying about fruit. This is the main lesson taught to a Karma Yogi. It is for those who seek the spiritual path and want to meet with God. It can also be practiced in their regular life by performing their duty in an honest manner without worrying about the outcome. It is the path of spiritual development. Actually, what we do is action and the result is its reaction. A person’s life is governed by his karma chakra.

Jnana Yoga

It is also called as ‘Wisdom Yoga’. It is a very difficult and complicated path between all. It teaches a person to converge with the inner self by practicing various mental techniques by meditating with a deep conscience and conducting self-questioning sessions. It teaches a person to distinguish between a permanent conscious and a temporary materialistic world. This path teaches to stabilize the mind and emotions by focusing on 6 fundamental qualities – peace, control, sacrifice, tolerance, faith, and focus. It is advisable to practice Jnana Yoga under the guidance of a competent guru to achieve the goal and do it in the best way.

Bhakti Yoga

It is also known as ‘ devotional yoga’. It is associated with divine love because it is the greatest path to spiritual enlightenment through love and devotion. In this yoga path, one sees God as the supreme expression and embodiment of love. Its main features are – chanting the name of God, singing his praises or hymns and engaging in worship and rituals. It is the easiest and most popular. Bhakti yoga is associated with purification of mind and heart and can be attained by many mental and physical yoga practices. It gives courage even in adverse conditions. It basically makes one feel kindness and focuses on purifying God with divine love.

Kriya yoga

It is a physical practice in which many-body postures are performed through energy and breath control or meditation techniques of pranayama. In this, body, mind and soul develop. By practicing Kriya Yoga, the entire human system is activated in a short time. Every inside organ, for example, the liver, pancreas, and so on are active. The hormones and enzymes required to keep the body healthy are brought into an active state. The blood absorbs high amounts of oxygen and is quickly de-carbonized which usually reduces the number of diseases. Brain cells are activated through greater circulation in the head, which increases the brain’s working capacity and memory, and the person does not feel tired quickly.

Yoga gurus or teachers can teach the proper combination of the four fundamental paths as it is basic for every seeker. According to the ancient proverbs, it is important to work under the instructions of the Guru to get the above yoga path.

The 8 Branches of Yoga

  1. YAMA moral disciplines or moral vows.
  2. NIYAMAPositive duties or observances.
  3. ASANAPosture.
  4. PRANAYAMABreathing techniques.
  5. PRATYAHARASense withdrawal.
  6. DHARANAFocused concentration.
  7. DHYANAMeditative absorption.
  8. SAMADHIBliss or enlightenment.

Goals of Yoga

The main purpose of yoga is to foster harmony in the body, mind, and environment.

A disciplined method of attaining goals

Techniques for controlling the body

yoga well know for its postures

The goals of yoga practice

Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is considered very essential for a healthy life. And even then, why are there so many benefits of yoga? Yoga also helps in fighting diseases like constipation. Yoga and meditation are considered essential for peace of mind and better wellness. Often some people think that yoga is done only to make the body flexible, but it is not so. There are numerous postures of yoga, which have many benefits. With the help of yoga, you can stay young and healthy throughout your life. Often people consider yoga a moderate medium, but it is not so. Yoga can help you stay healthy in numerous ways. Know what are the advantages of yoga.

  • The mind will remain calm: Yoga leads to good muscle exercise, but medical researches have proved that yoga is a boon both physically and mentally. Yoga relieves from stress and leads to good sleep, hunger is good.
  • Exercise of body and mind: If you go to the gym, it will keep your body healthy, but what about the mind. At the same time, if you take the help of yoga, then it will make your body as well as your mind and mind.
  • Runaway diseases: By practicing yoga you can get rid of diseases too. Yoga increases the power to fight against diseases. Yoga makes the body healthy and healthy
  • Weight control: Yoga reinforces the muscles and makes the body healthy, on the other hand, fat can also be reduced from the body by yoga.

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